February 13, 2010

Question: When you have been faced with a difficult or challenging week, month or even year (2009), did it bring out your determination to challenge yourself and your abilities in 2010 with heartfelt passion?

Answer: The players and fans were probably the only ones not surprised at the outcome of Super Bowl XLIV. The “experts” said the Saints would lose to the Colts. But the Saints management (coaches) arrived with only one plan and that was to win. Many intrepid plays were called. Some worked, (onside kick resulting in a touchdown) and a 4th and goal for the failed touchdown attempt, (field goal was probably a definite 3 points), but they didn’t give up.

The New Orleans Saints management (coaches) instilled in their entire TEAM that they were winners and they were there to prove it. In retrospect, the competition (Colts) didn’t know what hit them. The Saints plan to win, threw the competitors’ (Colts) rhythm off, forced them to change their game plan in mid-stream, rattled the team leader (quarterback) and thoroughly confused the offense by the new look and actions of the defense. Do you think this analogy repeats itself in our daily business lives?

It reminds me of a game (many years ago) when the Green Bay Packers lost a big game by one point. Their coach Vince Lombardi ran around the locker room hollering at EACH PLAYER that they weren’t losers and they hadn’t been defeated, they just ran out of time.

He instilled in his TEAM that they were winners. And that they would prove it in future games and they did, going on that year to win the super bowl. Coach Lombardi and the entire TEAM of the Green Bay Packers refused to accept a defeatist attitude. Even when the experts said it couldn’t be done. Coach Lombardi has always been one of my hero’s because of his ability to motivate his TEAM while caring personally for each and every one of the members.

With that in mind, I rhetorically ask you this;

 Do you arrive at work EVERYDAY expecting to WIN?
 When was the last time you made a spirited play at work?
 Do you allow outside distractions to influence your results?
 Are you a manager that remains optimistic and instills optimism of a can-do attitude into the teams’ ambience?

1. How are YOU differentiating YOU and YOUR Company from your competition?
2. Do you work on your “personal branding?”
3. What do people think of when they see or hear from you?
4. Why would I want to do business with YOU?

XXX, the first 45 days of 2010 are now behind us. Do you truly have a plan for the next 320 days? If I can help, call or write and I will respond immediately.

P.S. My article two weeks ago about my trip to Fort Lauderdale brought a tremendous response. Many not so nice comments about the guy in 1A and many great comments about Gisela Becker, the lady in 2A including an Email from her, the managing partner of Spanco’s accounting firm (he works gratis) and a letter through the U.S. Mail from Delta Airlines, apologizing for the event as well. As I read the letter I was amazed at not only the apology which really wasn’t their fault but they added 1,000 to my Delta Frequent Flyer account. How about them bananas?


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources
Grinnell, Iowa