Do You Remember What It Takes To Suceed?

June 5, 2011

Q:  While going for the touchdown, have you forgotten what it took to travel the 100 yards from one end of the playing field to the other?

A:  I know a young sales professional who I have mentored over the years who sold a huge account about two years ago.  He is a 100% commissioned sales person and this brought him a six figure annual income.  The problem is, he stopped working.  He told me his only job was to take care of this account and bragged about working less than 8 hours per week.  Many times I called him, he would be on the golf course, fishing, hunting or other activities not related to continuation of his selling career.

He felt confident that all he had to do was keep them happy and they would keep him in money.  Well guess what?  The company moved their operation to another city and no longer need to utilize his services.  Today he is scrambling in an attempt to recover from a serious tactical error.  He has no smaller accounts to sustain him.  No prospective accounts at all in the hopper.  Now there is nothing to do but start over or look for another job.

Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a sale or business professional that doesn’t dream of hitting the huge home run like my friend did.  But to sit on your laurels once that has been achieved can be the kiss of death to your earning potential and maybe even your career. 

We are 5 months into 2011 and you’ve only got 7 months left to get into the end zone and score the touchdown.  You can never forget that it takes carrying the ball down field without a fumble, stumble or take-away to reach the ultimate goal…..scoring the touchdown.  (Am I ready for some football or what?)

A.    Do you care about people?
B.    Do you have a positive attitude?
C.    Have you been tracking your progress?
D.    Did you set your goals in writing for 2011?
E.    Are you a deal maker or a procrastinator?
F.    Always ask yourself, “If not today than when?
G.    Do you tell your business story several times a day?
H.    Do you give your business card out several times a day?
I.    Are you a non-stop networker without forgetting about family and friends?
J.    Have you shared your goals with your spouse, peers or managers to keep you on track?
K.    Have you demonstrated your leadership ability and are working your way through all of this negative media hype?
L.    Have you fully learned your product and services and are ready to take on any business challenge within your selling theater?

I strongly encourage your truly shine in 2011!  You’ve worked for it in the past, you deserve the success, but you must keep earning your way to the top.  I hope you have a tremendous week.
George F. Mancuso, President
Client Growth Consultants