“….But We’ve Always Done It This Way….”

“….But We’ve Always Done It This Way….”

If I had a hundred dollar bill given to me every time I’ve heard that statement in the last 90 days, I’d probably have about ten grand extra in the bank!  Or its alternative line, “…But We Are Not Accustomed To Doing It That Way….”

Almost every day that I speak with clients (past, present and future), who are discussing the “change factors” to growing their businesses, that this topic doesn’t raise its ugly head.  Moving their companies into the world of TODAY requires, in most cases, “….NOT DOING IT THAT WAY ANYMORE….”

When I pursue this conversation and engage into an in-depth WHY NOT, I typically get answers like;
a.     “I understand but I don’t think the rest of the staff would understand”
b.     “Although I agree we need change, we are comfortable right now and I am concerned about rocking the boat”
c.      “Sure I agree it’s the right thing to do but I don’t want to offend other people in the company”

So then I’ll ask, “…how is this working out for you right now?”  Answer; “….well it’s not that’s why we are having this conversation.”

As a business consulting specializing in growing companies and saving people, it is without a doubt that I (as most quality consultants) can ride in on my white stallion, evaluate and/or analysis your organization, make recommendations for defining change, stay on the growth line with you to implement or stand back and watch.  The absolute failure in all of this will come if you folks who sit at the top of the ivory towers don’t demonstrate a validated buy in to the change process.

What happens if you don’t get help from me or another qualified consultant?  Nothing happens.  It is business as usual and you can remain comfortable, not rocking boats, and wondering why you make two steps ahead and one back instead of 3 forward.

Growing revenue and profits come directly through people…your people.  If you are a leader, then lead.  If you are a follower but in a leadership position, consider stepping back and allowing another to lead.  But wait if you did that, you would have to delegate and trust…..oh my, I can hear it now….”WE HAVE JUST NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY.”  When in all probability it should have sounded more like, “I HAVE NEVER DONE IT THAT WAY.”

Remember that leaders are not necessarily managers and managers are not necessarily leaders.  I personally don’t believe there is a fine line between them.  Either you are a leader who is a good manager, want to be but don’t know how or just not interested in coming out of the comfort zone.

George F. Mancuso, President
Client Growth Consultants
Grinnell, Iowa
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