What Are The Differences Between New Employee Orientation and Just Doing The Paperwork!

I’ve said in past newsletters that employee retention begins during the recruiting process and it is true.  But the next high level impingement, is the actual new employee orientation.  I’m not speaking about getting the W-4’s, job applications, benefits and other items needed to get him/her into the payroll system.  I’m talking about actually doing an orientation that has substance and a defining meaning.  Letting the new person know the ropes from the corporate cultural seat is paramount to all parties concerned reaching a successful relationship.

There is a huge difference between the inauguration of a new employee into the current organization and really defining the path.  Unless you are hiring mind readers or prophets, these points in time are the beginning of the make or break relationship of any given new employee and/or your overall system and absolutely have a direct affect on your bottom line.

This is the instant in the new hires life where you both agree on the goals, aspirations, initial paths to be taken and provide YOUR expectations of him/her.  On the reverse side of this, it is your opportunity to listen instead of talk and learn about the new hires expectations so that you can both play nice in the sand box.

If I am correct and based on years of experience I know that I am, (how’s that for ego?), why would you want to risk hiring an employee that is not going to stay because of initial misunderstandings, or not knowing the proper processes when conflicts arise, or having a person(s) to discuss issues without retribution?  Why would you want to waste time and money?

If you begin with a Profile Management Assessment, you have the most accommodating tool to begin to understand just who this person is you hired.  You can evaluate this person by using and understanding this Human Resource tool to see where the career path pot holes might lay and address them before day one comes to an end.

So if you do this as I am suggesting, what is the intrinsic benefit to you, your team and/or your company?  How does camaraderie, cohesiveness, quality, high level of production, employees that want to be there, higher levels of bottom line profit and a system that is not broken sound to you?

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