How Are You Being Treated?

June 13, 2010

Q: How does your boss treat you? How do you treat your boss? How do you treat your employees? How do your employees treat you?

A: I’d like to share with you a story about newly married couple who seemed to be very compatible, in love and good for each other. Almost every day “she” would leave a little note around the house for “him” and she always signed it, “Your Loving Wife.” He always seemed to enjoy the notes and actually looked forward to them.

One day “he” came home in a not so nice mood and they had a few words. The next day the not so nice mood seemed to accelerate and “he” acted immature and said some words that he shouldn’t have said. The next morning, “she” who left for work before “he” wrote him one of her usual notes. Only this time she signed it, “A Distant Relative!”

It takes 11 compliments to overcome one insulting or condescending remark. Think about that statement NOW, so perhaps the next time you open your mouth to speak and your brain falls out you won’t make a complete fool out of yourself.

The entire message this week is about how we treat each other. If you speak to an employee with a condescending attitude and that includes negative facial expressions and body language, why should they respond at a level any higher than the one you are speaking from?

I know a business owner, who when a manager even tries to offer an innovative suggestion, he almost always answers by saying, “….well everybody is entitled to an opinion!” He then promptly tunes them out and walks away from the conversation. And he continues to wonder why growth and employee retention are ever present problems. I personally had that conversation with him, trying to get him to see the errors of his way. Guess how he responded? Yup, I was entitled to “AN” opinion! Not even MY opinion just AN opinion. I did not accept the engagement.

I don’t know if you are guilty of any of the comments above, but make a promise to YOURSELF, that all day on Monday, no matter what, you are going to watch your words, encourage the people around you and offer a better environment for all within your network. Believe me; you have nothing to lose but anxiety, mental anguish and a frown from your face. And the benefits will make you feel warm and cozy at the end of the day.

Have a great week and if I can help in any way, please call or write and I will respond immediately! Remember that your questions and comments are always welcome here.


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources
Grinnell, Iowa