Understanding the Perspecitive of Another Generation

Q: As management, sales and human resource professionals, we are suppose to be able to quickly assess various business environments, understand cultural and technological trends and in general, be able to see how others see the world. Intellectually, this may make sense, but can a person understand fully the perspective of another generation?
RC, Kansas City, MO

A: What a great question and this gives me the opportunity to lighten up your week by beginning with a fun test. Watch the following two videos below. They will take up about 4 ½ minutes each of your time. They are both “hot linked” so just click on them, turn up your speakers, enjoy the music and enjoy the events.

1. The Fifties

2. The Sixties

If you are a Baby Boomer, think about how hard it would be to convey the social or personal significance of these events, activities or icons to someone of another generation (like your kids). You could tell them what it was like but would they really feel it the same way you do when you watched these videos? If you are not a Baby Boomer, show these to someone who is and let them try explaining it to you!

In either case, you will begin to appreciate how truly distinct the culture of each generation is at the most basic level. We could do well to remember this the next time we assume we “get” a different culture, age group or technical discipline.

My hopes are that you have a week filled with sunshine!


George F. Mancuso

George F. Mancuso, CPC