Does Your Organization Have A Maverick Culture?

Poorly communicated set of corporate cultural values tends to emotionally charge employees with feelings of uneasiness or non-responsiveness.  In addition it tends to enhance the nit-picking - fault finding – hypercritical symptoms, thus causing toxic levels of distrust, lack of loyalty and out and out disruptive behavior within the organization.  Employees, ALL employees, thrive on and deserve recognition not continual carping criticism.

The danger of this type of culture not only includes discord within the organization but has a high level of seeping into the overall business world and local communities.  Once this happens, the word spreads like an out of control wild fire about the Maverick culture within the company. 

Your organization becomes known as a not so nice place to work.  The locals talk about their neighbors quitting or getting terminated.  And usually they all believe terminated for the wrong reasons.  Recruiters have difficulty convincing prospective new employees to hire on, because the word is on the street that their tenure might be short lived.

Maverick over achievers don’t stay long.  They reach their perceived personal piqué of value and start looking for a new hunting ground to feed their quest for notoriety, or the next short hop to the top and usually for more compensation.  Maverick over achievers want to be the continual star of the show and in most cases they do not care where the bodies lie behind them. 

All companies must have revenue streams that support the company.  But if you don’t have a definition, a set of values, a set of goals, the proper hiring mindset, “FAIR” motivational factors that include all levels of employees, then your company is NOT running on all cylinders.  Your revenue stream is being attacked every day and many times the “C” level folks don’t realize it until it reaches an epidemic intensity.

BOTTOM LINE…..Your System Is Broken!  Employee Retention Will Be Off The Charts…..Cost Of Replacement Of Employees Will Silently Affect The Profit Of Your Organizations Bottom Line….Employees Will Quit Their Bosses Because They Know Their Bosses Are Trying To Enforce A Broken System….And Worst Of All, Employees Will Go Into The Business World Believing That Top Management And Owners Just Do Not Care.  And they will tell their side of the story.

We can help.
George F. Mancuso, CPC
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.
Grinnell, IA