How Do I Become A Great Leader of People?

In answering this question, I offer to you 14 points to consider;

1. Do not have a heart filled with duplicity

2. Make training for growth a part of your normal life

3. Do not wear blinders

4. Understand all of the professional roles of your team

5. Know the difference between positive and negative or gains and losses

6. Learn to be perceptive and always think ahead

7. Listen more, talk less until you have all the details

8. Maintain sensibility and compassion

9. Empowerment is not an overused buzz word but an underutilized results getter

10. Unwavering loyalty to excellence in all arenas

11. Discipline means that every accomplishment is preceded by preparation

12. Creativity comes after discipline not before

13. Maintain a logical balance of all of these points by making them become second nature

14. And finally, “keep the mindset of a beginner’” by never becoming so entrenched in yourself that you fail to see all of the fresh possibilities that surround you.

Please accept my wishes for a tremendous week and if we can assist you in any way, kindly call or write and I will respond immediately!


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO