Have The Members of Your Team Nicknamed You “Helicopter?” Say It Isn’t So!!!

Yes this is a fair question and this is the [new] way I’m using this noun/verb.  Helicopters “hover” and when one human being becomes a helicopter over another human being, hovering can bring disastrous results because a crash of some sorts is imminent.

Picture the rotating wings or blades turning on a vertical axis through the engine while trying to hover horizontally and then the helicopter starts to fail and as it comes down those blades have no mercy on all in their path.

Folks, that is exactly what happens when a manager or leader micro manage their team(s) or companies.  If you have the right employees in place; talented employees; quality consciences employees: Employees who embrace success from the smallest measurement to the most grandiose result:  Employees who are loyal…… Then I ask you the following;

A.     Why is it necessary to watch their every move?
B.     Why is it necessary to “make” them do it only your way”
C.     Why is it you don’t respond or communicate your thoughts to their suggestions?
D.     Why is it necessary for you to always be right? (at least according to you)
E.      How proud of yourself would you be if you found out your new nickname IS HELICOPTER?

I promise you this; if you truly want to be a true professional and respected leader and/or manager then here is the formula:
A.     Give your employees the tools they need
B.     Give your employees the support they need
C.     Give your employees the training they need
D.     Provide them with accurate, timely and honest communication
E.      Demonstrate to your employees your level of confidence in them
F.      If your team experiences a “bump” in the road, allow the whole team to learn from it
G.     Do not under any circumstances, EVER, EVER criticize an employee in front of his/her peers
H.     ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS , give compliments to employees in front of their peers
I.       ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, give credit where credit is due….to the team leader and his/her team because it typically is not all about just one

Have a tremendous week and if I can do anything to assist you, please call or write and I will respond immediately!
George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.