Do I Have To Earn Your Trust or Earn Your Distrust?

When I interview prospective clients for the recruiting and consulting side of business, it’s important that I understand the culture and learn what I’m dealing with.   So I ALWAYS ask this dynamite question:  Just think of the knowledge I garner from the possible answers. And ask yourself, what would employees say about me if I was asked this question?

“At this company which statement is more correct?”

A.    I have to earn your trust?  OR

B.    I have to earn your distrust?

Most narcissistic people I have met want all the glory.  Their writings and verbal discussions are so filled with the words, “I and ME” that it becomes nauseating.  But let somebody on the team make a mistake and it suddenly becomes all about “that” person and what is worse, the narcissistic wants everybody to know that the mistake wasn’t his/her fault.

Let’s examine what the some of the ramifications of answers to either A or B.

A:  Tells me that this person doesn’t trust anybody;  That he/she is going to always be watching over my shoulder ready to pounce on the first mistake;  That he/she probably has a personality that wreaks of “I’m always right;” That he/she has no problem speaking or acting in a condescending manner just make him/herself appear as the only authority; And probably a guy or gal that will ride you hard and put you away wet time after time and without any compassion for the consequences.  PERSONALLY, THIS IS NOT MY FAVORITE KIND OF PERSON>

B:  Tells me that this person is confident and mostly defined in their role; That he/she sees the value in me; That they trust me to do achieve what my talents, abilities and promises allow me; That they understand there will be bumps in the road but that we will probably all learn and move forward;  That he/she will probably be a good mentor and help guide to excellence for both myself and the company.  PERSONALLY, I GRAVITATE TOWARDS THESE TYPES OF PROFESSIONALS.

Within any given industry today, there so may people in the “A” category that cost their companies thousands if not millions of dollars.  Micro-Managing and Micro-Managers are NOT good for business.  If you company experiences this and you can’t find a fix, you can review a short 4 hour process we perform on site call Management Acclimatization® and I’d be happy to discuss this at any time.

Be a great citizen this week and make it wonderful for not only you but everybody around you.  Call or write if I can help.


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.