Retention, Conflict and Change

Subject Matter:  In the last 30 days, I have received 41 Emails requesting additional suggestions, ideas or conceptual designs with regards to RETENTION, CONFLICT and CHANGE.  Your questions vary through this spectrum, so I’ll do my best to address the concept in general, again.

The commonality to most of your Emails, have to do with conflict.  An example; “One person or team wanting or attempting to implement change while another person or team is determined to derail any and all change that THEY don’t think of.  Results = anger, hostility, terminations and resignations.”


A.     When you have long term, entrenched employees who are petrified of having their little apple cart upset, you will have conflict.

B.     When you have management that talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk so that change can be embraced, you will have conflict.

C.     When you have employees who don’t “sign up for” OR “buy in to” the upcoming change process, you will have conflict.

D.    When change is dictated and not a team effort, you will have conflict.

E.     When management or supervisors are micro-managers, you will have conflict.

F.     When the dissenting employees get into their “derail” mode AND justify their position (usually confidentially) to weak management, thus getting management to knowingly or unknowingly assist in the derailment, YOU WILL HAVE CONFLICT!


Hopefully you get the picture.  If you are going to implement change, and don’t include everybody in the communication process and offer a defined but reasonable methodology to resolve issues, your change process is destined to fail with no matter WHO you put in charge to initiate change.

I hope your week will be filled with very little conflict, good decision making, prosperity and great health!


George F. Mancuso

George F. Mancuso, CPC