Magical Suggestions To Be A Better Leader?

Q:  I am the president of a 100 employee manufacturing plant in the Midwest. I feel like I must always be a strong leader that cares about and deals affectively with people at all times.  Can you offer any “magical” guidelines for me personally and that I can share with all of my employees at all levels?
Marvin L., Des Moines, IA
A:  I love your term, “magical.”  I really do wish I could waive the magic wand and poof…. all will be beautiful.  LOL.

Let me offer you a few considerations that might help guide you in your work environment to recognize, understand, value and apply emotions effectively.

1.     AWARENESS:  You must be confident in knowing who you are and understand the impact on others of your strengths and weaknesses.

2.     REGULATION:  You must have the responsibility to manage your own feelings, thoughts and actions in a positive way that allows you to maintain an intrinsic and high standard of integrity.

3.     MOTIVATION:  As a leader or a member of a team, you have an obligation to develop continuously, your personal resources to the ever-changing, increasing demands of your profession.

4.     AWARENESS: You must understand and be sensitive to the feelings, needs and concerns of the people around you that you “serve.”

5.     RELATIONSHIPS:  You bear the greatest responsibility for establishing, nurturing and where necessary, resolving differences with your interpersonal relationships with colleagues and again, the people you “serve.”

6.     INFLUENCE:  You have an obligation to foster desirable responses in others by serving as a role model as well as challenging, inspiring, enabling and encouraging everyone to work together toward mutual goals.  In part, you achieve this by not being a micro-manager.

While these suggestions may not always be successfully applied, I hope they will be helpful reminders to you to always strive to be the highest quality of professional at all times.

George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.