Management Wants Assurances

Question:  Management is sometimes reluctant to start a project until they see the full scope of the process but can't visualize the scope until they start and complete some diagnostics. How can I get past this constraint with our executive management?

Answer:  This is always in a manager's mind but probably more so in these risk-averse times. From the manager's perspective, he or she wants to be assured that money and staff time are well spent and wants to know the scope, sequence and content of the project tasks. From the team or team leaders’ perspective, they should want to conduct some diagnostics first before laying out the full scope of the project, even though they have a pretty good idea of how they would proceed. In management, as in medicine, prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

The building industry figured this out years ago when building slowed down. They developed the design/build concept, where a single firm would do the architectural design work prior to building. Once the project was clear, the buyer could search for and identify the best builder. With this concept, the buyer had already established a trust and confidence in the design phase because they were familiar with the design process itself. More often than not, the buyer would select a firm it knew and by offering both services, the project was more efficient and better for the builder as well.

Offer to provide both design and build services for project curriculum. Approach your management group by offering to scope out the work using fast track diagnostics and limited interviews. For a low cost and risk, you can provide the management an objective and independent view of what might be needed in an improvement project. The management and/or company receives valuable perspectives from you, gets a chance to know you with limited obligation to any project, and you get insight into how best to serve. Sounds like a good plan all around. Hope this helps.

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George F. Mancuso, CPC
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