What is the real goal here?

I recently received a call from a former client and she was jus t beside herself.  “…I don’t know what is going on but I’ve recently lost two key employees, morale seems to be in the tank, the team is filled with silly errors, customers are upset and I just can’t figure out why.”

Two days later I was sitting in her office and we were about to have a very painful discussion.  I asked this one question; “What is the real goal here at your company?”  And her answer didn’t surprise me but she said, “….to grow my company and make money and have fun while doing it.”

Then I asked, “….why did you lose two key people?” 

Answer, “I don’t know because they both got a raise within the last few months.”

“Why do you still have two openings,” I asked.  “…because I can’t find anybody to replace them.”

Then after a few days of meeting with her current employees and going to the homes of the two key people who resigned to do post mortem on their employment and why they really left, I came back with the following information and suggestions;

From the two former and current employees I got these tidbits and I’m giving you only the short version here:

A.      Start hiring good employees and not just those that breathe in and out all day.  Because the problem is the current “good” employees are the ones that are asked to do more and because complacency is the norm with the not so good employees and they are allowed to do less.

B.      Demonstrate to each of us that you are a good leader.  There was no coaching, no individual encouragement to grow and do better.  Nobody listening to our ideas and this wreaked havoc with team morale.

C.      Clean house of those employees who just don’t get, don’t want to get or have disrespect for the other members of team by not carrying their weight.  The negativity just destroyed our hard working teams.  We got tired of carrying the load. (so it wasn’t about money)

This is the primary goal(s) we agreed upon and agreed that ALL employees would now become aware of the primary goal(s) and she must get a buy in from each individual:

1.       Provide our employees with the tools both tangible and intangible to be successful in our cultural environment

2.       Provide outstanding service and products to our clients

3.       Make a profit.

For those of you who have followed the Desk of Gman for the last several years will know that I’ve used the following statements time and time again and here they are again BECAUSE THEY ARE PARAMOUNT TO SUCCESS OF A BUSINESS!!!

1.       Good companies fix bad managers

2.       Bad Companies condone bad managers

3.       90% of the time, employees quit their bosses and not their companies

4.       Having employees resign is not good but having employees resign and not leave is even worse

5.       Employee retention, employee morale and employee growth is a management issue and not an H.R. issue.

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George F. Mancuso, CPC
Client Growth Consultants