Do You Need Relief

February 7, 2010

Q: Does Everyone Need Relief????

A: The biggest football day of the year is today. Did you know that on Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will consume the following?

11 Million Pounds of Potato Chips
8.2 Million Pounds of Tortilla Chips
8 Million Pounds of Guacamole
3.8 Pounds of Popcorn
2 Million Pizza Hut Pizzas
30.4 Million Pounds of Other Snack Food

When you think about Super Bowl excitement, stress at work and home, it’s no wonder that antacid sales will be up 20% on the Monday after the big game. Some of the major causes of stress and failure might be:

Cash Flow
Compliance Pressures
Finding and Keeping Top Talent
Growing the Company and Yourself
Being Totally In Concert With Your Team Members
Keeping an Open Mind While Driving Sales, Marketing and Operations

Remember that only 2 teams out of 32 are left standing. The difference between these two teams and their competitors might be that they focused ALL year on their business. Analyzing their competitors, recruiting top talent, planning the future and executing the plans is an everyday occurrence to achieve success and an entry into the big game.

I certainly hope you enjoy the game and accept my wishes for a great week. As always, if we at Gman Business Resources can assist you by “partnering” with you to help keep the focus on your business, please call or write and we will respond immediately!

P.S. It's difficult to believe that times are tough. I spoke with a business associate of mine in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday and asked him if he was going to the super bowl. He said no, because he'd rather put his kids through college. I asked him what he meant and he said to park your car at the stadium was $75 CASH. To get decent seats and not great seats you will pay $5,000 per seat. I can't imagine what a hot dog and a beer costs. Yup times are tough.


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources
Grinnell, Iowa

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