Your Thoughts of Today Are Programming Your Tomorrow

A Reader Asks:  As the economy rebounds, what suggestions do you have
for broadening my sales prospects, thus growing my own business?

Race car drivers accelerate coming out of a turn instead of waiting for the straightaway. This is also a good model for sales people. What areas of the economy and your market are going to be slow to recover or never recover? Which of your clients will YOU stand by if it takes longer to get back to their former strength? What trends were YOU counting on that are picking up strength or were shut off by a changing economy? Now is a great time to be looking at regional and/or national trends to identify where you can begin to cultivate opportunities.

Many major trade organizations publish on occasion a "state of the industry" summary. Recognizing that these are promotional to some extent, they still contain good information on current structure, capacity, demand for products, and changes in production practices or consumption of its products. Also consider government reports that address more macro trends or longer term trends. These reports, even if they are not in your industry, can provide some deep insights into how the economy is changing and where your opportunities may lie.

If the trade association for your industry has no such "State of the Industry" research, and you feel reasonably sure you know a lot about the industry, suggest teaming up with the association's research staff in developing such a report. This is something their members would value and what better way to get known as the "industry expert" than to have the implicit endorsement of a trade association.

Now with all this said, I would strongly encourage you keep a positive mind, positive attitude, positive speech pattern, positive body language and develop my “SURE ‘NUF” thought process.  And if missed that in one of my previous newsletters, here it is again:

“My thoughts of today are programming my tomorrow!”  SURE ‘NUF.  You wake up in the morning, put your feet over the bed, look out the window and say to yourself, “it’s going to be a lousy day!”  SURE ‘NUF!  You tell yourself, “this State is so depressed, I’ll never sell enough to make a living.”  SURE ‘NUF! 

So the call is yours.  Get your proverbial act together, get into the field, be a leader and make things happen.  If you are lazy and are waiting for somebody else to do it then hand it to you, the time has come to change professions.  Without sales teams growing themselves and their companies, the company ceases to exist.  The burden is on OUR shoulders. 

As always, enjoy your week and your comments are always welcome.


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.