What’s wrong with hiring managers?

June 16, 2013

QUESTION FROM A READER:  What’s wrong with hiring managers?  I am an executive recruiter for a major recruiting firm based in the Midwest.  And it is my humble opinion, that of late, hiring managers have lost their moral core.  They play with candidates emotions, they use me to bring qualified candidates to the table then quietly search for “knock offs” of my candidate so they won’t have to pay my agreed upon fee.  Besides the recruiters in my office, are we the only ones experiencing this?
(Marissa L., Professional Recruiter, Omaha, NE)

ANSWER:  The answer is not only no, but HELL NO!!!  As most of you know Client Growth Consultants is an executive search firm, so believe me when I tell you that I do have firsthand current knowledge of this subject. 
I have well over 200 recruiter “friends” across the U.S. with whom I stay in touch in one form or another. And they are all talking about this subject.  And maybe you are correct in your assessment that their moral cores have been damaged and overcome with greed.
So from two standpoints, please allow me to make these comments:

1.    IF YOU ARE A RECRUITER:  You must get your client committed to your services.  It’s okay to ask if you are going to be competing with them in the search.  It’s okay to ask who else is involved in the search.  Its okay for you to set the mutually agreed upon ground rules. And I firmly believe it is critically important for your client to understand that this is how YOU make an honest living. 

a.    The work we do is very labor intense and many times we go through 10 x 10 candidates to find them 2 or 3 qualified. 

b.    Be a professional and get all of this out front and verbally spoken. 

c.    And if your client “burns” you, then wash them from your client list forever unless you just like working for free.

2.    IF YOU ARE A HIRING MANAGER; Please understand that treating a recruiter like Marisa as described above, is poor business, unethical and morally wrong.

a.     How would you feel if your professional employees were treated in this manner?

b.     Be honest and upfront.  If you plan to be involved in the search then make it known. 

c.    If the recruiter continues then it’s a risk he/she takes. 

d.    And don’t lie to candidates.  If you don’t think it’s a match, tell them.  Candidates are capable of hearing the good news and the bad.  And if you’re not honest it gives false hope. 

e.    Treat candidates exactly the way you’d like to be treated if it was YOU seeking employment. 

f.     The old saying that what goes around, comes around is more true in today’s market than ever.

 No doubt this newsletter will come across one sided and those most guilty we become those most offended.  Not really sorry, it’s just one of those honesty issues that needs to be addressed.  Never let it be said that I sugar coat the truth.  Your comments are always welcome and I would happy to give hiring managers equal time next week.


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants.com