What is Management Acclimatization?

What is Management Acclimatization®?

For the sake of this discussion, I am using the term “manager” and defining it as any individual from a supervisory capacity, middle manager, executive manager to the “C” level.
SITUATION:  A new manager has been hired and the team is filled with trepidation.  What kind of manager will he/she be?  What will be the goals and expectations?  What changes will be made?  Will we lose our jobs?  Is he/she aware of our current challenges?  Will he/she be accessible and easy to talk with?  Why did he/she take the job?  What challenges does he/she see for themselves?  And as you can imagine the list of questions, fears or just general concerns could become lengthy.

PAIN RELIEF:  The process of Management Acclimatization® is a facilitation of the initial interaction of the new manager and the team.  Because we are an outside of the company facilitator, we can keep the process on track and gather details from both the manager and the team. 
This is typically a 4 hour process.  We interview the manager.  Then without the manager present, we interview the team.  Then reassemble both and get it all explained, defined, communication processes, time lines, expectations and most important immediate accountability.  The entire purpose is to get this group off to a smooth start. 

There are never any names attached to the questions.  And all of the questions and their answers are left behind for the manager and team members to refer to in the immediate future.
You might ask, would this work for a current manager/team that might just be classified as dysfunctional?  The answer is an absolute yes!  Think about it, spend about 4 hours with an outsider and go away with camaraderie, communication, understanding of each others challenges and a place you look forward to arriving at work at each day!  We can help!  For complete details go to our website and click on Management Acclimatization®.

George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.

P.S.  Management Acclimatization® is a registered name by Client Growth Consultants, Inc.