Have You Met Your Annual Goals?

Summer is fast approaching and as the second quarter of 2012 is slightly over a month away.  It is amazing how time flies as we are almost at the half way point of this new year!

 Kindly ask yourself:

1.    Did I do all that I need to do to hit my goals in the first five months of this year?

2.    If you did….Congratulations!

3.    If you didn’t….you must ask yourself why?

4.    Did you erase those goals each month and put up your goals for next month, or did you add the difference you didn’t produce to your goals for the following month?

5.    Did you already give up on the income you planned to earn in 2012?

 No matter what you did in the first five months of this year, you can still hit your annual production and salary goal if you make a commitment right now!

           A.   What worked this first Quarter?  Continue with this activity

B.   What didn’t work?  STOP doing those activities

C.   What NEW things will you do?

 Never forget the price you will pay for not attaining the highest level of success possible.  The market is mostly stable and reasonably strong.  The time to grow yourself, your company and your clients is now!  It makes no difference what industry you are in or what level you are in the organization, you have power to make a difference every single day of your life.

If I can help you or your team in anyway, call or write and I will respond immediately!

George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, INc.