As A Manager Are You A Leader or As A Leader Are You A Manager….Or Both?

Leadership is paramount to the success of any employee retention event or program.  I can’t say enough about the void that is caused when you have managers that are not leaders.  And managers who escalate their self serving status to that of a “micro-manager” is even worse.

We know leaders have influence because people choose to follow them.  A leader does not have to hold a manager or supervisor title to be chosen by followers.  In a successful organization, leaders can be found at every level – from the boardroom to the mailroom, from the executive office to the customer service desk.  This may be particularly true in organizations that favor a flatter, more team-oriented environment.

A.   Managers influence by the authority of their position and title.  They are appointed to their position, and are given certain responsibilities, based on that position.

B.   Leaders are influential because people choose to follow them.  Leadership is not an appointed position.  Without followers, leaders would not have any influence at all!

C.   Leadership is not a set of traits or skills; rather it is best described as a relationship between leaders and followers.

We know that leaders emerge in the natural course of business.  We all have leadership qualities and abilities that enable us to make important contributions.

i.              Leadership is a dynamic relationship between leaders and followers

ii.            Effective leaders focus on different things in response to changing needs, and

iii.           Leaders and followers may exchange roles as the needs of the situation change.

Think about a flock of geese soaring through the air.  When they fly in formation, the leader does not remain the same.  In the course of a flight, several of the flock takes turns moving to the front of the “V”.  As a leader tires, it falls back and takes it place with other geese, while a new leader emerges to continue the journey.

Let your natural leadership shine within your organization.  Be a great team player which in my opinion is one that can lead and follow.  If you need help, we are available to assist you….call or write and we will respond immediately!


George F. Mancuso, CPC


Client Growth Consultants, Inc.

Grinnell, Iowa 50112

Retained Search Consultant