Any Thoughts On Motivating My Employees?

Q: Would you kind enough to give me some tips on motivating my employees? I feel like most of my employees are just marking time and the next thing I know we are in a time crunch for a project. We are a service organization and this problem includes office, customer service and sales people.
Paul B, Columbia, MO

A: Without visiting your business and observing your people it is a bit deceiving what is transpiring. However on the surface is sound like they have a lack of focus which will destroy any chance you have at developing good time management skills for all.

A friend of mine shared an idea with me last week and in part, allow me to share some of that with you as well. At your next company meeting or through a companywide Email offer your employees this scenario:

Imagine arriving at work you find that your workstation office is covered with $100 bills from the floor to the ceiling. As you find your way to your desk, on the loud speaker you hear the President announce, “Between the Hours of 9:00 and 11:30 AM and 1:30 and 4:00 PM today, you can keep all of the $100 bills that you can gather up – no strings attached!”

Ask yourself the following questions:

Would you REALLY until 9:00 AM to start?

Would you REALLY go to lunch?

Would you REALLY take personal phone calls?

Would you REALLY send or read personal Emails?

Would you REALLY go onto social Internet sites?

Would you even go to the bathroom?

You probably answered “NO” to most of those questions, because you would be extremely focused on gathering and keeping as many $100 bills as you could.


Those $100 bills are in your office right now. In order to grow YOU as an employee, or YOU as a company, harvesting those $100 bills is critically important to OUR success!

You have many people on both sides of the sales process and our co-workers can also be a distraction. And don’t forget that we often distract ourselves when our attention switches from work to family, friends, vacations etc.

Often family members and friends don’t realize they are taking money out of your pocket when they distract you during business hours. It is important to limit those distractions by just letting people know they should call you before work, during lunch or at the end of the day.

They take money from YOUR pocket because if your company doesn’t grow, you just might not get a paycheck next Friday. If you limit the distractions, you will earn more money and you will have more time.

There are several ways to help people manage time better, become more organized, learn to grow themselves while growing their organizations. If you need more information, just contact me, George@GmanSearch.com.

Find a way to make a difference this week in your life and of the people around you.


George F. Mancuso

George F. Mancuso, CPC