Are Your Services or Products a Wise Investment?

Q: Are your services or products a wise investment for the buying public?

A: In months and years past, clients and/or prospects called us out of the blue and “wanted to buy” and we usually “wanted to sell.” But the new normal business pattern brings with it more prudent buyers, research from the Internet, validated referral lists and a higher level of expectation for the same or less money.

As business owners, sales and management staff, we need to continually make the case that our services and products ARE a wise investment. Albeit the bar has been raised by the buyer, the wise business man/woman is raising their own bar as well. “Give me a reason to buy” is the cry from the business world. My response is simple…..”GIVE THEM A REASON TO BUY!” No excuses because as I have repeated in many Desk of Gman messages over the last several months, it’s not business as usual.

If you will AND we both know you CAN raise the bar and provide a result far beyond the buying expectation and become the new or continued growth partner with your clients. Don’t look around, because there isn’t anybody that is going to do it for you. Take control of your business life. Every day of your business life, substantiate that your services and/or products are a wise investment.

When you find yourself deep in the valley, reflect back when you were standing on top of the hill. CONVINCE YOURSELF you are capable of standing on the top of that hill everyday and your attitude and determination will carry you far. The buying public will feed off of your energy, your expertise and your confidence. I’d challenge anyone to argue against being on top of the hill far, exceeds the alternative.

Just eighteen days left in 2009 and I can only hope that you have enjoyed a decent year. But more importantly that you have your plans defined and your determination is at its highest level to carry you successfully through 2010.

As always, your comments are welcome. If I or any of the Gman staff can be of assistance to you in the days, weeks or months to come, please call or write and we will respond immediately. Have a tremendous week.


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources, Inc.
Grinnell, IA


Learn to Demonstrate Value

December 6, 2009

Q: Premature Elaboration;
What is the best (or even a good) way to demonstrate the most value for your services during initial discussions with the prospect.

A: We are often so eager to show how much we know that we don't wait until the client has fully explained where his or her organization is, how it got there and completely understand the issues or needs that they have. As soon as some sales people, management people and/or consultants hear a problem they think they have recognized and solved the issues before the speaker is finished speaking. Many times they are way too quick to show how much they believe they know because they think this is the way to the buyers’ heart. Many times over the years I have made the statement, “….it’s better to be thought the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
Even when you have solved the presumed problem, you owe the client the opportunity to describe why it’s a need or an issue for the organization and the nature of the solution for which they are willing to engage you. Hold your conclusions until you have explored the issues together. Remember, it is about addressing the client's problem, not showing how smart you are. Your lights will shine bright once you put their pain to rest.

Tip: The title of this tip says it all. Not that every analogy is appropriate but initial sales -client conversations can be considered like dating: show exceptional respect, listen more than talk, and think longer term.
Have a tremendous week and remember that your comments are always welcomed. Call or write if I can be of any assistance.

George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources, Inc.