Happy Thanksgiving To All

Grateful you are a part of a wonderful profession!

Be Grateful you have the power to change lives around you!

Be Grateful that the 2014 economic signs are leaning towards
a more prosperous year!

Be Grateful that you have grown yourself this year!

Be Grateful that you have identified what is really important in your life this year!

Be Grateful for your clients!

Be Grateful for your co-workers, their families and their support!

Be Grateful for this great country of ours!

And we are personally very Grateful for all of you our weekly readers, our friends,

our business associates, and our loving family!

In this season of Gratefulness, we at Client Growth Resources
would like to give special thanks

for your continued partnership and wish you, your family and employees
a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

George, Denise, Mark and Sarah

 Client Growth Consultants, Inc. Grinnell, Iowa