Is There More or Less Stress In The Workplace?

I recall reading an article in the New York Times several years ago that basically told workers to quit whining and suck it up.  I remember the article referring to times being tougher years prior than it was at the time of the article and that workers endured long hours, physically demanding and low pay.

Unless your workplace keeps you in a bubble, we can all attest to continued high stress levels in the workplace.  And what appears to be a trend, the business owners and executive teams don’t seem to be reacting to fixing the problem.

Executives and owners just don’t seem to understand or consider the direct and bottom line affect that undue stress has on their business models.  High stress levels invite unscheduled time off, retention issues, added costs to health care benefits.

Today’s life in business and personal is a tricky balancing act to say the least.  Too many companies are just not flexible in their approach to management when it comes to helping workers handle stress.

With regards to the retention issue and stress, it remains one of the top five reasons employees leave companies.  And throwing money at employees isn’t the answer either.  The problem is stress not money and getting corporate priorities in order and fixing that particular problem will probably help smooth other areas out without even trying.

A.    If your company has experienced a high turnover of people;
B.    If your management seems to be disengaged with the rank-in-file workers;
C.    If people don’t walk down your halls with a bounce in their step;
      If your employees are running on cruise control and not motivating, innovating and/or mentoring;
       If the atmosphere in your workplace is so thick you could cut it with a knife;
F.     Then we are here to help.  Call or write and I will respond immediately!

    George F. Mancuso, CPC