You Don’t Want to Grow Your Business? Really? Are You Kidding Me?

A couple of weeks ago I experienced a very unusual day that I would like to share with you.  I was given 3 references from an existing client who told me these folks truly need your help.  He suggested that I tell them he sent me and to “warm” up the prospects he was going to send them an Email.  Almost a sales call dream come true……but sadly, there is much more to the story.

Turns out all 3 prospects businesses are somewhat depressed.  Probably not to the point of one foot on the banana peel and one foot in the grave, but just not doing as well as they could.

First Stop:  Husband and Wife; He had one retail business; she had another and both in the same building but different entrances.  It was immediately obvious that the only signage they had was stick on letters.  Nobody knew what was going on inside their businesses.  After a short discussion about this issue and others the husband said to me, “….I am really not sure just how much I want to grow this business.”  It was a good thing I was sitting or I might have fallen to the floor.  The sad part is he was serious.

Second Stop:  The owner welcomed me in, we visited for about 20 minutes and the next thing I knew he stood up and said, “….I’ve always done things one way and although business is quite tough right now I just can’t believe that if I may any sweeping changes it will improve.  Bottom line is I can’t afford your services.”  Considering we hadn’t even discussed money it was a bit shocking. But more shocking was when he left the room and went back to work.

Third and Final Stop of the Day:  Walked in, asked for the owner and he came to the front and said, “Ya whadda need?”  I introduced myself and company name and before I could tell him that his friend suggested I stop by and introduce myself he said, “…we don’t need any” and he walked off and left me standing in the lobby.  Now considering I was planning to make a purchase of one his products, that revenue into his cash register went south as well.

Now folks, if that isn’t a day of rejection, I’d like to know what is.  I almost took this personal but then realized that this world is filled with people who are just not good business men and women; business owners that have poor people skills; business owners who are petrified of what tomorrow might bring; business owners that never really step outside of the building to see what passing customers see;  business owners that just don’t reach out with a proverbial handshake the says welcome;  and business owners that would rather go broke and stand in the bankruptcy line than open their minds and swallow their pride to accept help.

Have a wonderful week.
George Mancuso