Responses to the Hiring Managers of the World

June 28, 2009

Q: HOLY SMOKES! Last week’s newsletter created quite a fire storm of Emails back to me. Some of the horror stories I read about it those Emails made what’s left of my hair, stand on end. After wading through over 100+ Emails, below are a few of the responses that speak for all. Interestingly enough, I did not get any Emails that identified themselves as hiring managers.

A: From Allen S., An information security analyst;
Hi George,
To paraphrase a quote from "Treasure of the Sierra Madre,"
"Ethics? We don't need no stinkin' ethics."
It is a truly severe problem that is destroying America. How can we on one hand advocate for democracy and freedom when we are behaving toward others and ourselves against the very principles we claim to stand for? Hypocrisy does not become us.

And the examples are in all aspects of our society. On the one hand we say we are a society governed by the rule of law, but on the other hand many advocate for special treatment for select groups rather than working to change what may be indeed a very bad law or procedure. Americans are become Janus like figures where the public persona looks one way, but the private looks another.

Alas, I fear for America's future and the welfare of our children.

1. From Peter S., Sales Executive, Orlando, FL

You are on spot with this message. I can personally relate to this message since I have been searching for a new position this year. It is not just the companies HR people and hiring managers but some of the companies’ top executives.

In the past year I have been engaged in several interview processes that have included multiple phone interviews, face to face, etc. with up to President/CEO of companies only for them to fall off the face of the year and not respond to calls or emails. I have never experienced so much unprofessional-ism and like you said we as candidates just want an honest reply. Being in sales I can take a “No”.

I have had companies pull offer letters just before the start date due to economic conditions, this happened twice. Most recently I had a VP of sales shake my hand as I was leaving saying she was going to be calling HR as she drove home to get an offer letter started. Yep, a week later they said they hired someone else, but an inside contact said they never hired anyone. Why lie?
OK I am done venting, in a way I feel better knowing it is not just me but then it also is depressing to know that ethics and professionalism is dying.

a. Companies who take you down the interview path and then fall off the face of the earth.
b. Companies pulling offer letters “Due to economic conditions”, did you not check your budget PRIOR to starting an interview process?
c. If you ask for references particularly past clients I have sold too, call them!!! I respect my past and present clients so if I ask them to be a reference call them!
d. If you ask me for copies of my W2’s you better be prepared to show me yours or an official breakdown of how much your other sales folks have made, stop telling me the OTE is $ 250K+ when you don’t have anyone breaking $ 200K
e. Recruiters – Stop posting fake jobs just to illicit a bunch of resume to build up your DB,
f. Bottom-line yes it sure is an employer’s market right now but it won’t be forever and if you treat people like crap during an interview process if they do join your organization once things turn around they will bolt, you are also hurting your reputation in the market place.

3. From Marian L, Recruiter, Denver, CO;
Employers think their riding high on the wave right now, but they must remember that the wave eventually crashes into the sand. These lack of ethics and professionalism is going to bite them in the butt sooner rather than later. And I for one, will have very little compassion.
And one final commonality paraphrased by me;
PROCRASTINATION; We’re not talking about taking a day or two to think about it, we’re talking about the silence from the lack of communication so that hiring managers can look for just a little bit better candidates. The emotional toll on candidates is deplorable.
I have several final thoughts, but today I think I’ll take the position of enough said. “The People Have Spoken.” 

George Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources, Inc.