This Holiday, Pay Yourself!


The holidays can be fun, but they can also add stress to our already crazy existence as business professionals.  If you close your eyes and review 2010 – would you make any changes?  Would your W-2 be higher?  Would you take better care of yourself?

Here is a chance to wave the magic wand…….Picture 2011 as a White Board which is very exciting and full of opportunities!  You can create anything you want for yourself next year.  Now ask yourself this question…..Do you know EXACTLY what you want?  Most people don’t get what they want out of life because they’re too busy worrying about everyone else to take time to determine what THEY want out of life.

During this extremely busy Holiday Season, find a quiet place for yourself for at least one hour.  Close your eyes and envision yourself one year from now, and you are celebrating your BEST YEAR EVER!

Now open your eyes and write down who was at this celebration, what you achieved and  what you have to do (starting now) to make it happen.  Make certain some of these goals are “personal goals.”

Think about this…..
What you do for a living is admirable!
What you do for a living is challenging!
What you do for a living changes the lives of other people on a daily basis!  How incredible is that?

Put yourself on your Holiday Shopping List.  Reward yourself each month of 2008 when you achieve your monthly goals.  Your clients, your peers, your friends, your employees need YOU, to take care of YOURSELF in 2011, so that you can take care of them.  Just call this "Business Management" at in it's finest hour.

Don’t be afraid to pay yourself!  It will be well worth the investment.


George Mancuso