Six Critical Tools You Will Need To Improve Employee Retention

Six Critical Tools You Will Need To Improve Employee Retention
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1.        Work that motivates, challenges and is meaningful:  Why should an employee come to work here?  Are you an employer of choice or convenience?  Is your company the ONE that most locals WANT to become an employee?  Read More….

2.       Leaders that believe in growing their people.  All Micro-Managers must check their guns at the door!  “…Good companies fix bad managers and bad companies condone bad managers.”  Read More….

3.       Retain Your Employees Before You Hire Them:  I’ll bet most of you are thinking to yourselves, “…What did he just say? “It is important to recognize that the most critical step in retaining employees comes before the hire itself!  Read More….

4.       Measure The Return On Investment Of Keeping Top Performers:  Most companies today recognize the value of attracting and retaining a strong, competent workforce. But most also don’t fully appreciate how they can improve retention rates.  Read More….

5.       Talent Asset vs. Tenure Asset;   “….The only thing worse than an employee who quits is an employee who quits and stays!” Talent and Tenure are not necessarily two assets that go hand in glove.  Read More….

6.       Realizing That Employees Have A Life Outside Of The Office; Does your company confuse allegiance or loyalty with hours at the office?  If so there may be a rutted rocky road ahead for your organizations future.  Read More….

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George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.

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