Achieving Sales Goals

“My sales people set goals, but don’t seem to achieve their goals on a consistent basis.  How can I turn this around and help them and us achieve “our” goals?”

There isn’t a week that goes by that one of clients doesn’t ask me some variation of that question, so here are a few suggestions.

SUGGESTION ONE:  Each month or quarter have your sales personnel tell you what they will “BUY FOR THEMSELVES” when they reach their goal and the three things they are willing to do to ensure they do achieve their plan. They also must come up with a consequence, if they don't hit their goal.

Print up a picture of the GOAL...the three commitments and the consequence for each individual and hang it up by their desks. The consequences make it fun... and can be something as simple as giving up coffee, or eating fast food etc. for the following month. Sales men/women will do things for THEIR REASONS - NOT YOURS.  They have to see the WIIFM in order to motivate them to achieve higher levels of production.

SUGGESTION TWO: I don't believe you “make” someone a Top Producer. I believe you HIRE THEM - people with a history of high achievement. Sometimes we hire DUCKS and expect them to be EAGLES!
They can be a great DUCK, but will never reach “Top Producer” status. Hire people with a track record of over-achievement and sales experience.   The alternative is to hire a GREAT DUCK and train, lead, guide, motivate, train and train and stay totally involved in their climb to success.  But if they don’t have the drive to achieve high levels, it may be an exercise in futility.

SUGGESTION THREE: Each quarter sit down as a group and have a "QUARTERLY GROUP PERFORMANCE REVIEW" Each employee should make a list of the following before the group meeting:

1. What they did that WORKED this past quarter (made money and gave them results!)  If you demonstrate to them and their peers what is working, they will probably continue to do these functions.  Peer pressure within a sales environment is huge.
2. What they are doing that is NOT WORKING or is a big fat waste of their time.  They need to stop doing those things NOW!  Get a commitment and a plan to stop bad habits and change.

3. New techniques they will implement to meet goals this next quarter. THREE techniques - one each month, so they have 21 days to form the new habit!)

 SUGGESTION FOUR:  At the last month of each quarter; .....I suggest you ask them to write down a list of the clients they will do business with in the next quarter. Top ten KEY ACCOUNTS - Twenty back up Clients Additional Targets!   Make the lists public to the rest of the team.  This will help each other keep them on track.

 SUGGESTION FIVE: In December, have each sales person writes down their W-2 for the coming year; Show them the DAILY RESULTS they need to achieve based on their INDIVIDUAL STATS AND RATIOS! Count the working days in each month so they know exactly what the RESULTS are needed to achieve goals on a daily basis. It's not the number of calls that is important; it's the daily commitment to hit certain daily RESULTS.

 SUGGESTION SIX: Mandate planners daily. If they are not an experienced Planner, have each of them start by writing down the top six Priorities (closest to the money) they need to accomplish the following day. This should be done every day prior to Leaving the office.
These are only suggestions and you are welcome to modify any of these to make them work for your company/process.  Have a great week!

George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.

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