The Value of Referrals

  • Does your product or service have value?
  • Do your clients give you intrinsic compliments?
  • Do your clients have a reason to make a referral?
  • Are you considered to be very good at what you do?
  • When was the last time you asked a client or customer for a referral?

You should always approach every client or prospective client with this mindset; “when this sale is over, is he/she going to be willing to give me a referral?” With that attitude, the quality of your work should improve or at least maintain a high standard. Your quality performance will get you additional work. Ask for referrals!

It is okay to visit with your client and explain that you are always working to satisfy his/her needs. And if they are happy, you would appreciate any and all referrals to other clients, colleagues, business associates, club members and association members that they would be willing to introduce to you through a referral. Ask for referrals!

People like to have their successes shared with other people. If you find a great restaurant and refer your friends to that restaurant and they all have the same great food & service, you become the hero. It’s no different in the business world. Ask for referrals. Make a list of targeted companies and ask your satisfied clients if they know anybody in those companies that they would be will to refer you to. Ask for referrals!

Asking for referrals demonstrates to clients that your company and YOU are on the “grow” and working towards continual success. Everybody enjoys working with successful upcoming business men and women. Ask for referrals! Go ahead…….ASK! You might just be surprised at the results.

Go out and make this a GREAT week!

George Mancuso
Gman Business Resources