Retention Continues To Be A Huge Issue In My Business Consultancy

On April 16th and 17th I will be attending the final journey to become a Certified Employee Retention Specialist. At that point I will be one of only 24 CERS’s in the U.S. It has been someone what of a long road as I had to complete 12 projects, have a minimum of 2 years experience, attend 16 hours of class and take a 4 hour Federally Mandated exam.
Because I am that close, my topic this week, in a highlight form only is:
Top Ten Low and No Cost Employee Retention Tips
Employee Selection – Hire the Right Person
  1. Research clearly indicates that poor job matching is a leading factor in unwanted employee turnover!
  2. Open and Effective Communication
    A well written and communicated statement of purpose, will aid new and existing employees in aligning with the goals and values of the organization!
  3. Clear Expectations
    A satisfied employee knows exactly what is expected of them during a typical day!
  4. Outstanding Feedback and Recognition
    The need for recognition increases when employees know they are doing a good job!
  5. Treat People With Respect
    Recognize that each member of your team has unique backgrounds, experiences, talents and abilities!
  6. Share Training Responsibility
    You can spotlight the strength of certain employees, by asking for their participation to demonstrate your trust and the value you place on their experience!
  7. Have Fun
    Studies have shown that laughter dissolves tension, stress, anxiety, irritation, anger, grief and depression!
  8. Promote Work/Life Balance
    The realization and acceptance of the fact that people have lives and events of importance outside the office is a huge loyalty builder!
  9. Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility
    As organizations we can build personal relationships through our combined support especially to develop a “feel good” atmosphere among the entire staff!
  10. Utilize Connection and Exit Interviews
    Change creates opportunity for growth and when utilized properly this can be a solid source of quality information for future development.
Employee Retention matters are a key indicator of a healthy and successful organization. It is also one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. Employee Retention has a ripple effect on every aspect of your organization. Customer satisfaction, product development, sales and overall profitability are all affected by your organizations ability or inability to retain your best employees.