Is There A Pot of Gold At Then End of The Rainbow?

When is comes to sales or the business world in general, what's the secret to finding the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"?
I wished I was smart enough to have all the perfect answers for this question.  As you might guess, there is no satisfying and complete answer to this question. One suggestion might be to closely observe the key characteristics of two types: those who smoothly surf the "ocean" towards success and those who get knocked over by every wave. What might you see? I believe the most successful professionals are those who know how to:

  • See and seize every opportunity
  • Save and invest wisely
  • Create value for others and translate it into value for them.
  • Protect their good ideas and effectively market them.
  • Leverage their work and repackage it into books, seminars, speaking, etc.
  • Leverage the skills of others in order to get something accomplished.
  • Put their clients first and keep a close tab on their customer's needs at all times.
  • Effectively promote themselves and become more sought after.
  • Be more effective and proficient than most others in their field.
  • Simply want it more.
How many of these things are being done by the successful sales and/or management people you have chosen to observe?

There are many things that you can do in your career to help point you in the direction of the "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." One thing is fairly certain: you are in the driver's seat. Make a list of goals, actions, and directions today and stop burning or wasting daylight.   The time to act is now no matter what your career or job entails.

As always, please accept my wish for a great and healthy week.  Your questions or comments are truly welcome.

George F. Mancuso, CPC 

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