How Strong Is YOUR Creative Process?

A great deal can be accomplished if you are defined and methodical in your approach to dealing effectively with people.  But a great deal more can be achieved if you add creativity into the mix.

 Several years ago I was consulting for a regional sales organization and as part of the process I would ride with each sales person for one or more days.  This of course gave me tremendous insight into the company, their process and methodologies and gave me numerous clues how to help them individually as well as a company as a whole.

 While riding with Tony, one of their top salesmen, we passed a warehouse that was over 1,000,000 square feet.  Tony pointed at the facility and said, “I know this company buys from my competitor who has a national footprint, but I wished there was a way I could get a shot at their business.”

That evening I had Tony put himself in the Presidents shoes and requested he write down 10 questions he would ask a potential new vendor.  It took some thinking but the task was achieved. 

 Then I helped him draft a letter to the President, stating only who he was, who he represented and then said, “I have put myself in YOUR shoes Mr. President and have defined 10 critical questions I would ask me, a potential new vendor, who could be a benefit to our organization.  I plan to call you on Friday to set up a 15 minute appointment to share with you those questions.”

 He made the call, got the appointment and when he sat down several days later, the President said to him, “so you thought of 10 questions, eh?  Well so did I.  What do you say we exchange papers to see just how close we are?”  They did and amazingly 8 out of the 10 were almost identical to each other. 

 Tony got the account, small at first but grew into a tremendous and profitable customer.  How did he do that?  He put himself in the prospects shoes.  Thought like him and methodically designed a plan, executed the plan and closed the sale.  He demonstrated he cared, was capable and had a can do attitude filled with creativity.

 Why this wouldn’t work when managing people or projects or active customers?  People are impressed and take notice of creativity, especially if it demonstrates that you care.  Creativity is part of you demonstrating your desire to serve and make any given situation a win/win and not your way or the highway.

 You should think of solving a problem for a prospect, your employees or a project instead of just trying to get your point across or only sell your products.  When your creativity aura shines because you care and that you are truly concerned, all will take notice.

 This is the second week of the month of July.  Have you reached your sales and management goals to date?  Go out and make this a tremendous week for you and all around you.


George F. Mancuso, CPC - CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.

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