Are We Really In Hard Times?

Today it appears that we have been delivered harder times than we have experienced in the past.  And as with anything else in life, uncertainty exacerbates the situation at hand.  However it is times like this that makes me want to remind my friends and colleagues of that which we already know, mainly because these thoughts are so simple and fundamental;

1.      Things are never as bad as they or the media makes them seem. 
a.     The economists that we listen to (and remain reassuringly consistent regardless of the news) tell us that the markets will begin to improve in February and that the stocks don't fall unless people buy. And people buy because they are convinced that stock prices will increase.
b.     The media has always been the messenger of perceived doom and gloom from those who call themselves “experts” in these matters.  Only if we allow ourselves to be lead into this black hole do their predictions come true.
c.      We Americans are a resilient bunch and have demonstrated time and time again that we know how to overcome adversity and bring our lives back to normal.  And I subscribe to you today that now is one of those times.
2.     What you do in difficult times will result in greater rewards than what you do during the good times. 
a.     Difficult times make or break businesses, careers - and families. Make your own success by not getting distracted by the times and focusing on what is important, what you have to do. You'll benefit from being clear headed and conveying stability in these times, and it will benefit those around you as well.
b.     From within your own circles of friends and/or influence demonstrate your leadership. 
3.     The best times quite often follow the worst times. 
a.     There can't be good times without bad times. Almost 3,000 years ago Solomon recognized that there is "a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away."
b.     And although these are hard and uncertain times, we need not mourn.
c.      We need not stick our heads in the sand.
d.     We must as individuals and as a group be the “good times” leaders of the world.

A friend of mine told me recently, don’t be a lightning rod, but be the lighting that ignites the rod!  I still firmly believe that in these economic times, we must be the leaders we claim to be during the good times.  When the so called recovery comes, you will be so far ahead of your competition, it won’t even be funny.  Put your “A” game face on, get into the trenches and make your markets, take no prisoners and grow yourself and your business!

I wish you a tremendous week, filled with good spirits, good business, family and great health.

George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.


  1. I agree, turning the cards we are dealt into a winning hand is hard work and not for the timid. We have greatly reduced overhead, worked harder and been thankful for having what we need rather than what we want. Lots of small adjustments but in the long run it will all pay off with less competition better employee availability and suppliers that want to make a deal.

  2. Agree George, the media always makes things seem worse than they are....society has been conditioned to buy into everything the media reports. One of the most effective things a person can do is turn off the TV and stop reading the doom and gloom in the papers and start asking themselves better questions and tap into their own natural creativity. Successful people can always identify opportunity in the challenges that the unsuccessful perceive to be a roadblock, or "hard times"...this is where some of the biggest breakthroughs from success come from....


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