Of Course YOU want to be Liked.....HOWEVER....

Of Course You Want to Be Liked; HOWEVER……..
Wanting to be liked and one of the guys or gals is natural, especially for a manager or leader.  But as a leader, your team should like, respect and follow you for all the right reasons.
If they like you because you are fair, honest, consistent, communicate, empathetic, positive attitude, care about them and their families and are an appreciative motivator, then I’d say those are many of the right reasons.  But if they like you because you provide them with free stuff, (i.e. food drinks and/or tickets) then I ask, “….what have you gained?”  There is little doubt you will be setting yourself up for failure somewhere through the process.
This is especially true when you are transitioning from team member to manager or manager to leader.  Change can be challenging and if not dealt with properly by understanding the make up of the team, their goals, aspirations and difficulties, you will not be able to fit into a model that is filled with success.  And why go through your daily work life fighting internal battles.  There are enough external obstacles to overcome to go around.
If I have said it once I’ve said it a hundred times…..”It is all about the people.”  Treat people right and the rewards will abound.
Have a tremendous 3rd week of September.  If I can do anything at all to assist you, your team or your company, just call or write and I will respond immediately.


George F. Mancuso, CPC, CEO
Client Growth Consultants, Inc.

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