Intentions can dramatically impact the overall client, vendor or employee experience.

A taste-test was set up using some volunteers. In the first trial, the blindfolded “testers” were given four kinds of food and told nothing in advance about what they were about to taste.

In the second trial, those same folks, still blindfolded, were given the same four items. In this case, though, the person administering the food gave a verbal prompt regarding what they were about to taste (e.g., sweet, sour, salty, etc.). The tester’s reactions in the second trial were strikingly different from the first.

A third trial was performed without the blindfold. Again, the tester’s reactions were different. What does this have to do with selling and/or managing people?

Think about how your employees, vendors or clients might react to your discussion, proposal or the findings contained in the delivery of your message. Try to determine how you can positively influence their reaction by properly setting their expectations.

Sales and management personnel need to be keenly aware of other people’s sensitivities and work vigilantly to ensure that all of the expectations are realistic. With that in mind, all goals can be realized and a successful attainment is at your direction.


George F. Mancuso, CPC


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