Does Your Organization Suffer From Management Capability?

Research suggests that most organizations neglect the responsibility of managers, undervalue the role and therefore suffer from a lack of strong management capability. A survey I read a few years ago indicated that employees who plan to stay with their current companies are twice as likely to stay when managers recognize their talents and encourage them to use those talents to the fullest.

I would say that the trend that has emerged is far from a bed of roses. Today’s managers are also individual contributors and they spend more of their time doing their "real" jobs and technical aspects of their positions, than they actually spend quality time managing their employees. This behavior is problematic because today’s employees want more from their managers and workplaces, not less. And they are willing to walk out of your workplace if they don’t get it.  And that is true even in this economic climate.

While employees are hungry for praise and eager to get help expanding their capabilities, there is, unfortunately, a corresponding capability gap among managers to give them what they need. This deficit exists for many reasons, including but not limited to:

•    Years of downsizing means companies expect more from fewer employees
•    There simply is not enough time for managers to devote to mentoring and employee development
•    Insufficient skills. Managers don’t know how to provide feedback and develop people
•    A deficiency of a meaning rewards program
•     Managers are rewarded based upon individual contributions and achievements, not their management skills or a combination of the two.
•    The mistaken belief that "one size fits all." The same rewards tactic won’t motivate everyone equally.
•    Organizations do not place a high enough value on the role of the manager
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George F. Mancuso, CPC
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