Just How Unique Are Your?

Provide for me a couple of lines of justification that YOU and/or YOUR organization are so UNIQUE that I should consider doing business with either of you.

I pose this to you as a very serious request.  In order to grow ourselves and our companies, we must be different or unique to entice others to WANT to do business with us.  I think another way of putting this is, “…WHAT IS YOUR WOW FACTOR?”

And this is a “Mancusoism”  The WOW factor according to me is;  [the] Wonderfully Outstanding World [of me].

As a business consultant, I am personally intrigued by the variation of answers I get to this scenario.  Unfortunately most sound like the same old mantra and little thought gets put into the intrinsic uniqueness of a person or his/her organization.  It sounds a great deal like, blah – blah–  blah- yada – yada - yada. 

Once you determine what your WOW factor truly is, this will become the point that you will be able to rebuild the growth foundation and move upward and onward.

You can send me a couple of what you classify as your/your company’s uniqueness or WOW factor by responding to this blog or Email.  Or in the alternative, send me an Email by Clicking I Am Unique.

George F. Mancuso, CPC
Client Growth Consultants
Grinnell, Iowa


  1. I listen. I do what I say I will do.

  2. Unique doesn't have a scale, it is the end of a scale. A thing is or is not unique.

  3. I guess that which makes me unique is a simple statement, "I'm not afraid to take on anything". My skills are so diverse that I can pretty much do anything.


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