Is There An Easy Method to Offering Suggestions?

Whenever I am presenting an idea or making a recommendation, I'm often uncertain of how it is going to be received. I'm fairly certain that my recommendations are solid. Do you have any suggestions?

Here's something to keep in mind: when you introduce any idea, recommendation, or proposal - the "opening line" can help set the mood for you audience and thus impact the likelihood of acceptance, rejection, "piggy-backing", or the request for further investigation or testing.

For example, here are a few different examples of strategically-placed opening lines to help illustrate the point:
· “Here's how we might want to approach this problem."
· “I would bet my reputation on this approach."
· “After a careful and thorough analysis of the relevant data, the key to solving this problem lays in the following area:"
· “I'm not certain there is any one elegant solution to this problem."
· “Here's what I have seen work very effectively at other organizations."
· “There are a number of effective ways to address this issue."
How confident do you think you would be in accepting the subsequent solution after hearing each of the above opening lines?

Tip: The next time you are planning to suggest, present or recommend something think carefully about that opening line. Be creative and be certain to have your main objective in mind when choosing it. Here is wishing you a fantastic week!
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  1. I would not be confident. While diplomatic, those are consulting weasel words. I say, "Here is the deal and sell the idea." Of course, based on the reaction, I might backtrack quickly, which I find intellectually humorous, but my red face sometimes gives me away (lol) You ask a very challenging question and I will be cognizant of my own openings impact on what follows. Great point George, you opened my eyes !


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