Balance In Our Lives Is Critical For Our Survival

Here is a topic that concerns me about all of us. It’s called BALANCE! I’m referring to the balance of work, family, health, sports, religion and everything else life has to offer us outside of our work. What are your thoughts?  Jesse R., Futures Trader, Florida

About a year ago, the writer of the question above woke up in an ambulance on the way to local Emergency Room with a possible diagnosis of a heart attack.  I am happy to tell you that Jesse did not have a heart attack but an attack of “Stress Level off the Charts.”  That’s known in the medical profession as “SLOTC” syndrome.  No not really, I just made that up but this IS an important story of life.

The writer above felt that he was programmed for stress and fast pace because of the career path he had chosen.  But was he?  Do you believe that you are programmed to handle stress as an every day event?  I am not speaking of “normal” (if there is such a thing) or everyday business or family pressure, but mountains of life threatening stress.

Many of us live in a fast paced environment and it typically can be filled with heavy duty levels of anxiety, traumas and constant worry.  But one thing I have taught myself is how to mentally take care of me.  Sure I still get excited and overflowing with enthusiasm when I make a great sale (or not) or sign a new client (or not) or help a colleague out of a mess, (or not). 

But I have stopped taking it personal and realize my human limitations. In years past, I lived every waking and many times every sleeping moment thinking about business and how to get ahead in the pursuit of personal success.  Today I “pay me” by prioritizing, working a plan and me not allowing anything to stand in the way of my loving family.  And in my humble opinion, paying yourself should always be part of your lifestyle.

Work is critical to our survival for without it, our cash flow shrinks quickly.  However, work has its place just like family, sports, religion etc.  Reflecting only on my life, nothing out ranks family and religion following by work and then all the “fun” stuff.  And speaking from only a personal platform, fun stuff includes sports, personal growth, continued learning and trying to make a difference in someone’s life each and every day I’m on this earth.

Now for me, the fast pace and high stress is typically short lived and replaced with gratification, fulfillment, contentment and an all round great feeling inside.  And that is how I believe that I keep from waking up in the back of an ambulance for an unplanned meeting with the cardiologist or neurosurgeon.

George F. Mancuso
Client Growth Consultants
Grinnell, Iowa

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