What Are Some of The Obstacles For A Manager?

What are some of the main obstacles to a path of success for a manager?

My definition of a manager is anyone who manages anything or anybody.  This might include a team, a process, a department or even an entire company.

Now with that concept in mind, I can tell you that all managers experience various encumbrances on a daily basis.  And there are probably no single egregious obstructions that would be attributed to a failure, but rather a combination of several.

However from years of business consulting experience, one of the most prevalent errors that I see is a lack of courage to stand by long term goals, plans and visions that managers have identified as a must do in their careers.  When the business economy experiences severe pain, it brings with it an allurement to short cut the process for a quick fix.  And many of us fall prey to the short term attraction without consideration of the long term consequences.

Standing by your plan takes immense courage and determination.  With the presumption on my part that your strategy, goals and visions are sound in concept, they must include the option and plan to deviate slightly without losing sight of the overall and primary goal.  It is okay to make small and logical adjustments, but it’s not okay to just abandon the plan.  In retrospect, those who just abandon the process of management and continually start over and over will find their original and subsequent plan(s) were terribly flawed to begin with.

Courage of conviction means confidence in you as a manager.  Confidence in you means rewarding results.

George F. Mancuso
Client Growth Consultants.com

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