What Can You Learn From Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock HolmesQ: What can Sales and Management Professionals learn from the legendary Sherlock Holmes?

A: Business professionals might want to learn how to play detective! We are often asked to solve a problem, figure out what caused a failure (or success), etc. Think of yourself as that famous London-based fictional sleuth of the late 19th/early 20th centuries who was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
The next time you face a quandary, think "What would Sherlock Holmes do?" 

He would:
1. Keep an open mind.
3. Investigate all possibilities thoroughly.
4. Look carefully at the details.
5. Look for connections, relationships, consistencies and inconsistencies.
6. Ask lots of questions.
7. Wear a disguise (OK-you might want to scratch that one!).
8. Be relentless in your pursuit of the solution.

The next time you are given a challenging question, remember to ask yourself the question, "What would Sherlock do?"

P.S. Did you know that Holmes never actually uttered that famous line "Elementary, my dear Watson" in any of Conan Doyle's four novels or 56 short stories featuring the character? Holmes does say "Elementary" in the book The Adventure of the Crooked Man, but the famous line does not appear in its entirety in any of Conan Doyle's stories. The full phrase seems to have originated in either a subsequent film or theater play (the actual source has been long debated) based on Conan Doyle's original work.

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