Why Do Customers Buy From You

March 7, 2010

At a recent speaking engagement I asked a room full of sales and management people, “Why do your customers buy from you and/or this company?” The answers in my humble opinion were amazingly off the mark for seasoned professionals. Let me explain.

A: The top four answers I heard were;
1. “We are the best at what we do”
2. “I leave no stone unturned in my presentation”
3. “We provide the highest quality of service”
4. “Nobody can touch the service “I” provide”

Not one time did I hear any statement about the customers’ requirements being satisfied and there is obviously more to this discussion than I can share here. However with that said, it seemed that most everything I heard had to do with how the sales person took charge, made his/her story the most important and didn’t consider the customers need or anticipation of the service or product being a win for the customers’ organization.

Now I’m not saying these folks don’t know how to sell, I’m only saying that when they had an opportunity to explain their sales philosophy to me, it invoked a perception from their statements as being very self- centered, which I trust is their true belief.

Sales are lost because the customer just can’t feel warm and cozy about what is truly in it for them. Business or sales acumen with relation to the customer needs must include a path of satisfying that need or as I always say, “how to stop their pain.” You can’t do this if you don’t understand the following:

A. Their culture
B. Their need
C. Their pain level AND
D. Your own level of integrity, ability to perform and compassion

Then and only then can you provide them with the winning solution. In years past when I have gone on a ride along with brand new sales people and we arrived at the appointment, the first thing they want to do is load the prospect up with all of the pretty brochures. Huge mistake because when the prospect sees these voluminous brochures coming at him/her, the ears shut down and the sleep mode starts to kick in.

Not every sales call is about “right now” selling. Sales calls are about gathering information; about need (pain) and matching the solution with your sales acuity or capabilities. I would have thought I would have heard more from the group above about listening skills, matching skills, commitment skills to name a few.

Hopefully today’s newsletter will motivate you to take inventory of your selling and management skills. And if you are getting all right, I applaud you. If your style needs some tweaking, the power is within you.

We are into the month of March 2010, and I hope your 2010 game plan and game face are at their peak. You have the power to make this a great week. Your comments are always welcome. Call or write and I will respond immediately!

George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources, Inc.
Grinnell, Iowa