How About These Resolutions?

January 10, 2010

This week as I traveled this great country, the talk around the water
cooler was all about New Year’s Resolutions. They of course ranged from
diet, weight loss and exercise, time at the gym, smoking & drinking issues,
cleaning the garage, remodeling and/or work in the yard to name a few subjects.
But as I was driving back to Iowa, I began to think of different resolutions that might affect our very way of life with family, friends and our inner self. So I came up with the following list and would welcome your thoughts.

1. While watching TV with your spouse and your spouse speaks to you, demonstrate how important he/she is by turning and looking at them while they talk, and listen to the content as well. (You might just be amazed at the results)
2. Make a decision to not listen to or read any negative national news for one month. It might just change your mind set. (Reducing negativity, might even improve your health)
3. Stop the parking lot rage and let someone else have the closest parking spot. (Not only will you do a kind favor but think of the exercise value)
4. Pay more attention to the elderly, the disabled and yes especially the female gender and hold open a door for someone. (Prove that chivalry and/or compassion isn’t dead).
5. Make absolutely certain that you’ve taught your kids that good manners like holding open doors and helping others is truly the AMERICAN WAY! (It might just help all the foreigners to see the real US)
6. Make a contribution to a charity organization for merchandise, clothes or even better a small cash donation and don’t get a receipt. (Then enjoy the intrinsic feeling of the value of sharing)
7. If you typically schedule a vacation, this year do it within 500 miles of home. The United States of America is filled with great historical and enjoyable places to visit. (Foreigners come here to visit OUR country)
8. Forego your Canada fishing trip and trade that time in for something very special with your family that you willingly choose and that THEY will love. (Make it a surprise and the value multiplies)
9. And finally, instead of asking God for favors, try thanking God for what you are, what you have and the receipt of the love of the people around you. (True rewards come at times when you least expect them and for reasons you least know the answers)

As always, please accept my wish for a tremendous week. 2010 is yours for the taking. Go forth and make it happen.


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources, Inc.
Grinnell, Iowa