A Great Sales Presentation

October 11, 2009

As most of you are aware, I am currently acting CEO for a national manufacture in N.E. Kansas. Within this role I was contacted by the WTS Paradigm Company (www.wtsparadigm.com) with a request to “show me” their software, especially designed for certain manufactures and supply chains. I will preface this story by telling you, that Lyn Hartl the President and developer absolutely thought of everything. This software takes a back seat to no other which of course helps to sell the product! But this story is about the sales process, which was quite impressive to say the least.

1. I received a call from Scott, the BDM. He was low key, defined in his voice and spoke with authority. He knew his product, the service they provide and he knew his limitations. I agreed to watch an online webinar demo, especially for our company and he explained it would take about 90 minutes. He let me know, this software was powerful and I wouldn’t be sorry.
2. He made a scheduled call to me the day before and we spent 30 minutes going over what would be most important to the company within the scope of their software. He explained to me that Lyn Hartl the President of the company was “personally” going to conduct the demo. And yes I did feel important.

3. The day of the presentation was everything it was cracked up to be. No fluff, no hard closes, just proof of how this could alleviate the shortcomings of our current programs. And yes he continually had subtle closes in the form of getting me to agree to the value(s) and how it would make a positive impact on our organization.

4. At the end of the demo, we had a short question and answer session, and then he asked more about our business. From that he informed me that they price accordingly to each individual company and that his team would discuss pricing and get back to me. Wow special pricing for just us.

5. Then I received an Email, requesting that I sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before they are willing to give me pricing! What the heck? I’ve got to sign an NDA to get pricing? Are you kidding? Nope, they weren’t kidding and after I stopped laughing, I signed it. I’m thinking this has got to be the greatest closing tool ever.

6. Next day I get a call from Joel, the VP of Operations and he “personally” wants to go over this with me. Wow, special pricing that I can’t talk about, the President, VP of Ops and the BDM all giving me special attention and a product and/or service would rank 10 on the HOLY SMOKES scale.

7. And they weren’t through…They were filled with handling objections from a “preemptive strike position.” They covered the potential objections, mainly price, before I could ask. They had all the answers.

For those of you who have attended my sales and management seminars, you will know that I have always preached (known as a Mancusoism) there is 3 points to the sale. Know yourself and your limitations, know your product/service like nobody else and all that it leaves is finding out the prospects pain, set his hair on fire and you become the fire extinguisher. Nice Job WTS Paradigm! It proves professionalism in sales arena is alive and well.
Have a tremendous week. If I can assist in any way, please call or write and I will respond immediately!