Follow Up To Last Week's Newsletter

September 6, 2009

Last week I presented 7 not so nice Emails and asked you to vote on the worst one. Email #5
was the winner with #3 being a close second. I did receive 57 responses with comments and
decided to share two of those as they seemed to echo what most of the Emails to me were saying.
Next week we will get on to another subject, but I do hope you have enjoyed the last couple of weeks of this newsletter.

“I think my favorite one is number 5 for two reasons. First of all, it starts with the classic “It has come to my attention…”, secondly it assumes that communication with customers and suppliers is bad and not even worthy of qualifying as a “daily task.”
I can see the point that needed to be made behind most of the messages though, and each one strikes at the same general failure – addressing the entire population when one or two people might really need direction or assistance. I’ve seen this over the years in managers who are conflict averse – it’s easier for them to address the entire population and hope peer pressure or anonymous embarrassment will take care of the issue instead of having to speak to anyone directly”.
Good stuff 

“Hi George, I find most of these, offensive because in our work place, our employees are all of the caliber of top notch, work ethic driven people with good minds and trust-worthy work habits. We treat our people like adult, responsible and caring persons.

When I hear about managers or business owners who treat their employees like children or slaves, (which I thought most of these notices did) I think that they have only the profit motive in mind and forget that people all have minds and desires that aren't all that different from themselves. So I rely heavily on the Golden Rule, and I don't mean the rule which says, “He who has the gold rules"! Thanks for your sharing”.


Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day, not to mention a tremendous week!


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources