Do You Have Stinking Thinking?

August 16, 2009

Q: Do you have Stinking Thinking?

A: A few months ago I read a report where two different groups of students were given a problem to solve. One group was told, “This problem may not be solvable.” The other group was told that this problem is solvable and a solution does exist, if they would just work together and find it.

To no surprise the second group did better and in fact identified the solution. They had a “can do” mindset and worked through the obstacles until they reached an intended result.

Negativity has destroyed more than one project and I suggest to you that negativty is a process that you need to use very sparingly. To exemplify this, I have always used the term, “SURE ‘NUF” in my everyday life. And SURE ‘NUF rides in tandem with, “my thoughts of today are programming my tomorrow”.

You wake up in the morning, put your feet over the side of the bed and say to yourself, “oh my, this is going to be a terrible day.” SURE ‘NUF!!! OR “I’ll never get this project done in time.” SURE ‘NUF!!

I believe that you need to always maintain an optimistic attitude and maintain the belief that any problem can and will be solved; OR that you can and will make the sale; OR that you can help one of your fellow employees grow; OR that you can and will reach your defined goals. This holds true no matter what your status within your organization may be. And think beyond the company and relate this to your personal life as well.

Your optimism will splash into the lives of the people around you including your clients, employees, peers, subordinates, your kids and even your spouse. What have you got to lose except an aura of Stinking Thinking? Who knows, it might even lower your blood pressure, the stress in your life and improve your health. You’d have to agree me with, the benefits outweigh the negatives. SURE ‘NUF!!

As always please accept my wish for an outstanding week three of August 2009! Your comments are always welcomed and remember, call or write and I will respond immediately with any assistance you may need.


George F. Mancuso, CPC
Gman Business Resources
Grinnell, Iowa