Is The Sky Really Falling?

October 19,2008

Q: Is the sky really falling?

A: If you listen to the all of the “expert” newscasters, the answer is yes. These folks seem to be able to tell us of the doom and gloom all over the world. And they ride those stories into the ground and over just about any other news item. I’ve even considered not voting in the general election because these so called analytical geniuses who apparently were given an over abundance of brains and psychic abilities have already told me who is going to be our next President.

There is no doubt that Wall Street is demonstrating such a wild ride that even the most formidable roller coaster is jealous. But why should you watch just those indicators? Personally I believe another opportunity of a lifetime is right before our very eyes.

Take a serious look at the “big boys” for a serious predictor; T. Boone Pickens, Warren Buffet and yes even Donald Trump. Have you heard even one story of these players sticking their heads in the sand or putting their proverbial tails between their legs and riding into the sunset?

In fact they and many other big players have become super aggressive. Buffet was quoted in the New York Times early this week stating, “…Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” Now doesn’t that speak volumes? And please don’t tell me he has the money and can afford it. That’s bunk. The only difference between big players and small players is the number of zeros at the end. The risk factors are the same or great for them.

The sky is only going to fall in on your world if you let it. This situation exemplifies many of my previous newsletters. It is imperative that you keep the sales hopper filled at ALL times. When times are good it’s when the sales teams need to work with more definition and continued diligence. When they are successfully selling services and products their demeanor is in the win/win mode. Business people want to do business with winners. If you have set back on your laurels, get off your butts and give positive direction to your team. Be a leader…..put your growth face on and make it happen!

One final example; we Americans didn’t take the high dollar gas prices lying down. We got smart and slowed down and drove less. Surpluses were up and prices are really coming down. In fact here in the Midwest it’s below $2.50 a gallon. We showed the oil companies, the government and any other entities that had their hands in the gas process that we just were NOT going to take it. So why should we take this bump in the road of our business lives? We shouldn’t….end of story…..we shouldn’t! No guilt here but the choice is yours….your business (growth) burden lies directly on your shoulders.

Don’t fall prey to the news media and all the pundits. Step up to the plate, get aggressive and remake your market. Reinvent yourself or your company, but don’t run and hide and hope somebody else “fixes” it.

Hopefully, you will go out this week and truly make a difference. Best wishes and good health.


George F. Mancuso, CPC