Important Management Concepts

September 28, 2008

Q: Would you be kind enough to share with us concepts that would be most important to sales and management professionals?
Bill T., President - Service Organization, Denver, CO

A: From my prospective Vision, Mission and Values are extremely important concepts that all professionals should be intimately familiar with to best serve their company, customers, team and themselves.

The "VISION" is essentially like painting a vivid and unique picture of an organization's future, focusing specifically on what the organization ideally wants to accomplish long term; what it wants to ultimately become. Its ultimate purpose is to create a sense of shared purpose, motivation, and drive to achieve between the organization and its employees. Its resonant impact should be reflected in the way the board governs, the way the CEO manages, and the way people work.

The "MISSION" describes why the organization exists. It describes its fundamental purpose and core business for the benefit of its stakeholders and society as whole. Focused on the present, it should emphasizes what the company currently is and not what it is striving to become.

"VALUES" are the organization's key guiding principles, fundamental beliefs and expected behaviors. "Values" help to create a cohesive corporate culture and are critical to supporting the organization's mission and ensuring that its vision is ultimately achieved.

As managers, executives, owners or sales professionals, it is strongly recommend that we are cognizant of and fully understand the expressed vision, mission and values of our company and/or clients. It will provide a helpful reference point in general discussion, making proposals, and recommending actions.

Sales Tip: Visit your clients Web sites in order to locate their vision, mission, and values - many times they are posted for the public. Evaluate whether the services and recommendations you have provided to the client are inline with their concepts. Also, note if your own firm's vision, mission and values are in alignment with your client's. If not, a discussion with your client might be in order.

The fourth and final quarter of 2008 has begun. Hopefully your goals are on track, your health is good and the year will finish as a success in your eyes and the eyes of all those around you.

George F. Mancuso, CPC