Making Bold Statements

Q: I have been told that making a BOLD statement or meaningful prediction might help grow my business and enable me to gain some free publicity for my firm. I have made some interesting observations regarding emerging trends in my field and I would like to share and publicize my unique views with others in the industry. My concern is that I want to be perceived as credible. What can I do?
DR, Harrisburg, PA

A: Back up your points with established research and analysis. Look for papers, studies and surveys that support your points. Don't forget to also familiarize yourself with the research that is contrary to your view. Also, make sure to properly credit the sources you have cited.

Another way to support your unique views is to prepare and distribute your own survey to key people in your industry. Some points to consider if you decide to administer a survey:

  1. Creating an effective survey can be a complicated job and requires great care if you want to obtain meaningful and actionable results. There are many good books on the subject of effective survey creation and administration. If you are interested in building your credibility and not seeing it quickly erode, you might even want to consider getting help from someone who specializes in survey creation.
  2. One way to stimulate participation is to promise those who participate that they will get the results or summary for free.
  3. Make sure to perform adequate testing/piloting prior to sending out the survey to the entire intended audience.

Tip: Coming up with "big ideas" or a possessing a unique point of view are not the exclusive domain of experienced practitioners; sometimes it takes someone with a "fresh" view to see the forest through the trees. Remember, though, that BOLD thoughts from someone viewed as inexperienced can open one to questions and criticism. Do your homework. Anticipate the questions and the opposing points of view and prepare your responses in advance. Responses supported by established research, thought leaders or analysis carry significantly more weight and help you to build credibility.

PPS: Another great way to make a bold statement or two is on your corporate website. For example, on our Home page (www.GmanSearch.com) near the bottom we have two particular topics that we continually “drive” prospects to read. One is “Why Employers Should Hire Gman Business Resources and the other is “WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT GMAN”. Granted these are self serving but it’s important that we continually make BOLD statements that we can back up! The testimonials are 3rd party BOLD statements that substantiate our credibility.

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I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous week.


George F. Mancuso

George F. Mancuso, CPC